The issues

Construction is one of the largest economic sectors in Canada, driven in part by the global demand for natural resources and the urgent need to modernize Canada’s infrastructure.

Yet, the Canadian construction industry lags behind other industrialized countries in productivity, innovation and technology. To secure its path for growth, it is imperative that innovation and technological advancement be championed within the right policy framework.

As governments and project owners begin to look at the life-cycle cost of their assets, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to seek out more sustainable solutions, the construction industry has an important role to play. CCA is developing a priority list for research and development. We are seeking partnerships with all levels of government, academia and industry to advance these priorities and increase awareness of and access to technology by those working in the construction industry.



What can the government do?

CCA is asking the federal government to become a partner in providing the necessary framework and investment to enhance industry-wide collaboration for innovation in the construction industry.

With advances in technology and changes in the way we build, the federal government must take the lead and earmark spending to stimulate world-class, large-scale innovation and collaboration that will increase productivity and strengthen Canadian competitiveness.

Investment in advances in our industry will make direct, tangible improvements to Canada’s economy. These should be encouraged by dedicating specific program funding and incentives that will encourage businesses of all sizes, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access and embrace emerging technologies.